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Despite huge PR push, is US plan for Gaza doomed to fail?

After rejecting a ceasefire for months in Israel’s war on Gaza, the Biden administration wants to see an end to the fighting.

How “permanent” is the US/Israeli plan for a “permanent ceasefire” in Gaza? The intentional vagueness of the proposal to bring a “sustainable period of calm” to the Gaza Strip is the biggest obstacle preventing a deal, argues Michael Hanna of the International Crisis Group.

Hanna tells host Steve Clemons that the governments mediating between Israel and Hamas have given the latter “private assurances” that are not mentioned in writing.

This, coupled with the belligerent public statements of Israeli leaders and epic levels of mistrust among all sides, is ruining chances for an end to the catastrophic war in Gaza, says Hanna.

Published On 16 Jun 202416 Jun 2024