The surprise election result in India leaves the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi missing a chunk of voter support and at the helm of a tricky coalition. Will this new configuration loosen the screws on Indian media and give them space to reinvest in journalism rather than the sycophancy that dominated the airwaves so much of the time this past decade?


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Nishtha Gautam – Columnist, NDTV

Sreenivasan Jain – Host, The India Report

Mukul Kesavan – Historian and novelist

Fatima Khan – Journalist, The Quint

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Israel’s cultural annihilation in Gaza

The Listening Post has covered Israel’s war on Gaza through the prism of the media, including the unprecedented killing of Palestinian journalists. But there is another level to what is unfolding in Gaza: the genocidal assault on Palestinian history, existence and culture.

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Jehad Abusalim – Writer