Coldplay singer gives fan with arthritis lift to show

28 minutes agoDanny Fullbrook,BBC News, BedfordshireSaundra GlennSaundra Glenn nearly went home before Chris Martin arrived in his Mercedes

A woman with mobility issues was left shocked when Coldplay front-man Chris Martin offered her a lift at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

Saundra Glenn, 64, who has osteoarthritis and “a dodgy right hip”, was walking towards the accessibility box office when she stopped to rest against a fence.

A black Mercedes pulled up alongside her and a lady inside asked her to get inside so they could give her a lift.

“The door opens and I said, ‘oh that’s Chris Martin, I can’t get in with him’ and they said ‘yes you can’.”

Before the car arrived she had considered going home and watching the performance on TV.

“But I thought I loved Coldplay and never thought I’d never get another chance to see them in my home town,” she said.

The Yellow singer offered to help Ms Glenn into the vehicle which she politely declined.

BBC/Lily-May SymondsChris Martin dedicated a new song to Luton Town Football Club at the end of the Coldplay performance

After getting into the car, the Luton resident found herself sitting with Mr Martin as they made their way to the artist area where he arranged further transport to take her where she needed to be.

She recalled: “When we got to the artist area, he didn’t leave me there, he said ‘get the golf buggy and make sure Saundra reaches her destination’.

“It’s the fact he’s conscious of disability, he’s such a kind person.”

The singer laughed when she told him: “I’m 64 Chris, I don’t do festivals, I’ve come just to see you and now I’ve seen you and I can go home.”

Watch: Coldplay pay tribute to Luton in new song, Orange

During the journey she asked about the BBC Three Counties Radio campaign to change the lyrics of Yellow to Orange to which he promised “a good surprise”.

Later that night the band did not rework the song but instead delivered a performance new track called “Orange”, written the previous night by Martin to honour Luton and its football club.

Martin told her about their rehearsal and that he liked Luton. In response, Ms Glenn recommended Luton business Chicken George and told him how she has lived longer than both of her parents.

“He said ‘you’re not going anywhere yet’, I was clutching his shoulder and having a chat like two old women,” she said.

Ms Glenn described Radio 1’s Big Weekend as “The coolest festival I’ve been to” and praised Coldplay for their song about Luton Town Football Club.

She beamed: “I met Chris Martin and had a conversation with him and he’s such a nice man!”

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