In the latest information released by Buckingham Palace, the tone has remained positive – as it has since the King was diagnosed with cancer in February.

The Palace says the King’s medical team “are very encouraged” about his continued recovery.

His doctors say they are “sufficiently pleased” with the progress made so far, meaning that the 75 year-old Monarch is now able to resume a number of public-facing duties.

The Palace will continue to get frequent advice from The King’s medical team to help minimise any possible risks to his recovery.

He will not take on a full Summer programme, for example.

King Charles has a fit and active lifestyle in general, with few reported medical problems.

His cancer was spotted incidentally – by chance – while undergoing a medical procedure for benign (non-cancerous) prostate enlargement.

Experts know that catching and treating cancer early gives the best chance of a good recovery.

Buckingham Palace has said he will continue on his “treatment programme” for now.

Like everyone else, the King’s medical details are private. We don’t have any more details.