As the war in Gaza enters its seventh month, the hopes of
over a million Palestinians in their last refuge in Rafah are growing to return
to their homes in northern Gaza.

Muhammad al-Mughrabi, 32, from Gaza City, currently residing
with his family in Rafah, expressed his optimism and hope.

He told me on Sunday: “Today, I am filled with hope as my neighbour in a tent from Khan
Yunis was able to return home.

“Despite knowing that my house was completely
destroyed, I dream daily of returning to my hometown. I will set up a tent over
the rubble of my house and live there with dignity, rather than being compelled
to reside in the courtyard of a hospital.”

Recently, thousands of displaced individuals have returned to their homes in Khan Younis, the second largest city in Gaza Strip, following the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the city.

Videos circulating on social media depict the extensive devastation in Khan Yunis.

Numerous buildings have been reduced to rubble, cars lie charred on the roadside, and there is widespread destruction of roads and infrastructure.

One video from Al-Amal Hospital reveals collapsed walls, shattered windows, and the destruction of the emergency room, rendering the ICU units non-operational. As a result, the city is now devoid of a functional hospital.