The Liberal Democrats are calling on the government to suspend arms sales to Israel. Party leader Sir Ed Davey said the deaths of British aid workers in Gaza is a disgrace, adding: “Clearly, the thought that British-made arms could have been used in strikes such as these is completely unacceptable.”

The Scottish National Party is also calling for exports to be blocked. The SNP’s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn says Parliament should be recalled “without delay”, adding: “If the UK Government are unwilling to act then Parliament should force them to do so.”

Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, David Lammy, has said the UK should suspend arms sales if there is a risk weapons could be used in “a serious breach of international humanitarian law”, and urged the government to publish any legal advice it’s received on such a risk.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told The Sun on Wednesday that the UK has a “very careful” arms export regime. “There are a set of rules, regulations and procedures that we’ll always follow,” he said, insisting he has been clear with Israel that although it has the “right to defend itself” that it must do so “in accordance with international humanitarian law”.

The government does not directly supply Israel with weapons, but does grant export licences for British companies to do so.