Taiwan is crucial to the world economy as it is
home to technology giants like computer chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and iPhone manufacturer Foxconn.

TSMC is a major producer of semiconductors for tech
firms including Apple and Nvidia.

As well as making devices for Apple, Foxconn also
manufactures electronics products including Amazon’s Kindle and video game consoles
for Nintendo, Sega and Sony.

Following the earthquake, TSMC said it had evacuated some of its factories to ensure all of its personnel were safe and that they were starting to return to their workplaces.

The company also said it was confirming the details of the earthquake’s impact on its operations.

Foxconn did not immediately respond to a BBC request for comment.

The island’s tech firms also
produce components, including printed circuit boards and advanced camera

Taiwanese companies are also major suppliers for global
clothing brands like Nike and Adidas.