As we’ve just heard from the statement released by the palace, Catherine, Princess of Wales, is now undergoing a course of preventative chemotherapy
that began late last month.

Chemotherapy is an umbrella term for any drug treatment to kill
cancer. Now, this can be used to mop up any remaining cancer cells, or to ensure that a
cancer doesn’t return in the future.

The drug treatment can be given as an infusion, or as tablets, sometimes taken daily, but overall treatment of cancer has really transformed in recent years.

In terms of the future, Catherine is stressing she is getting on well.

It’s worth remembering that cancer touches the life of every family. One in
two of us will get it. It is, of course, more common the older we get, but thousands of
people are diagnosed every year.

Three million people
in the UK are living with cancer, with nearly 400,000 cancer cases diagnosed in the UK each year – that works out to more than 1,000 every day.

I won’t speculate about her condition, but it’s worth noting that at the end of her address, she urged others affected by cancer not to lose faith or hope.