The lawsuit is focused on Apple’s control of the distribution and creation of apps via its App store.

The store is the only way to download apps to its phones. And Apple preserves the right to approve any apps that want to list in the store, rules it often enforces “selectively” according to the complaint.

Apple has said publicly that those controls are necessary for privacy and security considerations but the DOJ says its “documents tell a different story” – that the rules are about profit.

For example:

It says Apple has blocked would-be super apps – which bundle lots of different apps together, and could ultimately make it less of a hassle to switch brand of phone – from emerging in the US though “arbitrary” design rules enforced during the App review.

It also claims that Apple has thwarted cloud streaming apps, which reduce the need for expensive hardware, with rules that required companies to submit updates for approval, even though those updates could come hourly.