Today’s debates at
Westminster over the UK’s outlook on the Israel-Gaza conflict are rooted in
domestic politics.

The Scottish National Party plan to use today to set out what
they see as their distinctive position on the Israel Gaza conflict – their
desire, going back some time, for an “immediate ceasefire”.

They see themselves as “Westminster’s conscience” on
the issue.

The SNP are keenly aware of the political tussle they currently
confront: a resurgent Labour Party which threatens their dominance in Scotland
and threatens to snaffle a considerable number of current SNP seats at the
general election.

So, pointing out points of difference with Labour is key and
they profoundly believe Labour has been in the wrong place for too long, in
hugging the government’s position very closely and explicitly avoiding calling
for an immediate ceasefire.

Labour, meanwhile, believe they have a duty to act as a
government in waiting and behave as they would if they were in government.

But, confronted by today, Labour had a choice to make.