Israel has for years been claiming that the United Nations refugee agency (UNRWA) is in cahoots with Hamas. The latest allegations – which coincided with the International Court of Justice’s order for Israel to prevent genocide – bear the hallmarks of a distraction tactic. So far, the media have taken the bait.

Diana Buttu – Palestinian lawyer

Tal Mimran – Former Israeli government adviser

Abdaljawad Omar – Academic, Birzeit University

Kenneth Roth – Former executive director, Human Rights Watch

On our radar

Last month, a New York Times investigation carried Israeli allegations of sexual violence by Hamas during its October 7 attacks. Meenakshi Ravi explains why that story is being called into question.

Germany’s ‘Palestine exception’ to free speech

Historical guilt and the stifling of pro-Palestinian dissent in Germany.


Hebh Jamal – Palestinian journalist

Hanno Hauenstein – Journalist and former editor, Berliner Zeitung

Wieland Hoban – Chair, Jewish Voice for Peace