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Brianna was described by her mother as “fearless, strong and brave”
By Lauren Hirst & Judith Moritz & Rachael Lazaro
BBC News

The mother of Brianna Ghey said she had “never felt such grief” as her daughter’s killers face sentencing.

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe murdered the 16-year-old, who was transgender, after luring her to a park in Cheshire in February 2023.

Briana was stabbed 28 times with the pair blaming each other for the murder.

Her mother told the court she believed Jenkinson and Ratcliffe, who are now 16 years old, would always “pose a danger to society”.

“I would never want them to have the opportunity to carry out their sadistic fantasies on another child.

She said the “hardest thing” to come to terms with was finding out that one of those charged with Brianna’s murder was someone she believed to be her daughter’s friend.

“I don’t believe that someone who is so disturbed and obsessed with murder and torture would ever be able to be rehabilitated,” she said. .

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe have been convicted of the killing

At Manchester Crown Court, in his victim impact statement Brianna’s father Peter Spooner described his daughter’s killers as “pure evil”.

“We were forming a new relationship and these two murderers have stolen that from us both,” he added.

“I hate how Brianna’s life has been brutally taken away from her and she has been deprived of the life she wanted to live.

“She never had the chance to sit her exams or go on to further education.”

Watch: Cheshire Police release footage of moment of arrest

He stepfather Wesley Powell told the court that while Brianna had a large online following, “in reality she was lonely, vulnerable and in need of a close friend”.

“Both Eddie and Scarlett knew this and preyed upon her vulnerabilities, acting as two predators stalking their prey,” he added.

The pair, who were 15 at the time, planned the murder for weeks before killing Brianna in Culcheth Linear Park on the afternoon of 11 February.

Jenkinson, from Warrington, and Ratcliffe, from Leigh, had drawn up a “kill list” of five children, before settling on Brianna as their target.

Brianna was attacked with a hunting knife in broad daylight, suffering stab wounds to her head, neck, chest and back.

Both teenagers then went home and carried on as if nothing had happened with Jenkinson later posting an online tribute with a photo of Brianna.

The 18-day trial heard how Jenkinson and Ratcliffe had a fascination with violence, torture and murder.

Messages between them showed they encouraged one another to think about how they would actually carry out a killing.

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